Volunteer4Festival is the easiest way to manage your yearly volunteer festival.
It has built-in e-mail notifications, system administration tools, reporting, a volunteer sign up page that you can link to from your organizations website, and much more.

Here is the way the system works. You can create your own volunteer system by using this link

Create your own Festival Volunteer System here

Once you click the create site button, you will be directed to your new profile page where you'll need to fill in the rest of your information.

Next you can visit the administration area and fill out all your templates for the email messages that your volunteers will receive, pick the color for your site, and even upload your own logo! Now that you have it personalized, you can explorer the other setup options that you have like setting up festival days, jobs, locations, and shifts.

The system will also allow you to keep track of shift limits and multiple locations per job! The shift limits are visible while you schedule volunteers and your volunteers can see which jobs have been filled, real-time!

You can add multiple managers to the system so you can get help scheduling volunteers. You can assign managers to specific job scheduling.

There are also plenty of export options so you can use the data for other purposes.

Some of the email notices to volunteers that you will have at your disposal are, the kickoff message to get things rolling, a message to volunteers right after they sign up that includes a registration link to validate email addresses, preliminary schedules, and final schedules.

Another one of the great things about this system is that it allows you to benefit from your previous years information. If you check people in when they arrive for each shift, you can use their showup percentage to allow them to apply their previous years schedule to this year. This can cut down on the number of volunteers that need to be scheduled by the managers.

Why not make life easier and less complicated and sign up today!

Here are links to the user and Administrators guide.

Users Guide

Administrators Guide

There is a yearly startup fee of $100, then you will be billed 50 cents per registered volunteer. Additional charges may apply, depending on the complexity of your system configuration and the amount of support needed. Additional feature requets may also accrue charges if they are customized specifically for your site.